Our Vision

Flowers can change things.


There is an estimated 27 million adults and 13 million children around the world who are victims of human trafficking and slavery. Researchers estimate that 80% are women and 50% of victims are children. Some are as young as six years old. Used as sex slaves, soldiers, or forced laborers.  Human trafficking is estimated to surpass the drug trade in less than five years.
Today slaves are cheaper and easier to acquire than ever before. the average cost of a slave world wide is $90. 
Our mission is to use our gifts and abilities to make a difference for the people who have had their choice taken from them. Giving them hope and the opportunity to make a change for something better. Not only with a portion of our sales, but also as we seek to make a bigger impact in our industry.
In the floral industry there is so much opportunity to be better stewards of our world. Protea Rising works hard to reduce our waste and recycle our materials.
We also deeply understand the need to have the freshest blooms arriving when you need them. We work hard to source flowers not only quickly but ethically to make sure everyone is benefiting.

Proteas are flowers native to South Africa. There are many different varities of protea. All are known for their adaptability and ability to grow in nutrient poor soil. The reason I chose them to represent our company is their ability to survive and thrive after a wildfire has revenged the land. Even though the blooms are burned, the flower cones are then ready to release the seed that the wind will carry to new locations to grow and blossom. The plants also have thick underground stems that are filled with dormant buds that sprout and bloom immediately after the fire. 
My prayer is that our flowers can be the beginning of big changes in the lives of the people destroyed in the fire of abuse and captivity. That the money and efforts generated by our company can be the start of a full life with better options for them.


Samantha Hendrickson
Founder, Lead Designer

A King Protea.

A King Protea.