Our Founder.


I am passionate about being a part of something bigger than myself. I want to help people have the opportunities to overcome adversity and succeed.
I am also an artist. I have always loved to design flowers and make things beautiful. Over a decade ago I took a year-long course on floral design and greenhouse management and have been blessed to work in the floral industry since then.
But I know there's more than just endless events and holidays that need flowers. People need them. That's why I started this company, out of the desire for change. Each month a percentage of the profits from our arrangements will be donated to a different organization who is actively fighting human trafficking and saving women and children from slavery.
This is just the beginning of my plans for change. It starts with the belief that we can.

If I had a day to do everything I loved I would go out for breakfast with my husband, have an amazing cup of coffee, visit a flower market, read a book, do some shopping and maybe people watching, bring my kids to a park. Workout or swim, then I'd get my favorite takeout with wine for dinner and Netflix.