Winter Plant Love

Toward the end of winter, anything growing and green has me obsessing over it like it’s a hot meal to a starving man. I desperately want to fill my house with all the ferns and house plants I can find. To see them makes me happy. I will go 20 minutes out of my way to stop by a store or a greenhouse I know will be full of plants. It’s that smell, the softest most peaceful air that is so easy to breathe. So different from the cold winter air that is so fresh it hurts. I love the warmth when plants grow in the beautiful sunlight. It feels like you can relax. Even the sound around plants seems softer.

For several years I worked at a little flower shop/greenhouse and when the flower orders were slow I would walk around the greenhouse watering and cleaning up the hundreds of plans that were in that tiny windowed space. Rotating out the plants that were getting too much sun, watering the trays with the baby succulents and tiny seedlings, making sure the humidifier was full and watching the giant cactus grow to the ceiling. Then when an order for a plant basket or terrarium would come in, picking out the plants that would go well together and arranging them just as if they were flowers. It was good for my soul.

There are so many studies about houseplants being beneficial. If you don’t believe me just google it. I am so thankful that our hearts were made to long for this. That these beautiful things were created to help us slow down, pay attention and praise our Creator.

I know a lot of people who struggle with house plants, I’ve killed several myself. There is one plant I especially miss, it was a dark purple African Violet (Saintpaulia ionantha) that my boyfriend, now husband, gave to me shortly after we started dating because he heard from someone that I liked flowers. Little did he know what he was in for! But after a move to a new state that poor little plant couldn’t acclimate and I lost it.

Just because you may have a tendency to watch plants fade into dry twigs that shouldn’t be the reason to never have green things in your house, especially during a snowstorm at the beginning of March... It’s really just not knowing how to care for them. Visit a flower shop or a plant shop and ask for an easy plant. Or even a bulb, like a tulip or a hyacinth, they have obvious and quick results without the long term commitment (when the plant is gone you can just give the bulbs to a gardener friend). Start ‘Water Wednesdays’ and check once a week if your plants are dry. Set them in the sun and watch them glow.

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Samantha Hendrickson