Tulips are some of the happiest flowers. There are a few flowers that I feel like have great personalities and tulips are one of them. Their leggy stems and delicate nodding heads signal spring better than almost any other flower.

In the floral business, tulips are a staple among designers. They are pliable and dependably reach for the light even after they're cut, so in an arrangement, you know they will continue to add height as they grow and age. Some designers see that as a hindrance and even put a penny in a vase of tulips to keep them from bending too much. But it is only supposed to work if the penny was made before 1981. They swear it works, I’m not completely convinced though. I absolutely love the way they bend. I like to arrange with the expectation that the flowers will mature into a whole different look as they peak and give everything they have for beauty. As I’ve learned to work with this flower and how it grows naturally I fall more in love with their uniqueness. When I design with tulips in the way they are made to grow it always makes for a more authentic feeling arrangement.

Tulips are like roses in the fact that there are hundreds of varieties. A color and style for every mood.

Like parrot tulips which are so accurately named. Each petal looks like a brightly curled feather, dramatic and vibrant with an other-worldly feel about it. The fringed tulip looks like a standard tulip but instead of turning in as they reach the top of their growth they flare outward so it looks like a vase or a trumpet. But my personal favorite in the double tulip, they open up full and lush and are reminiscent of a peony.  Their pretty little heads are just a ball of petals. My favorite part of every flower is right at the point when they’ve reached the peak of their growth and everything that they’ve taken a year to create is on full display. Their mightiest act. For the double tulip that is truly a magnificent sight to behold. It just keeps opening with more and more to give, until everything is offered.

Where in our life do we bring that kind of passion and commitment? Where do we go all in? What is that one task that gets all of our attention and effort until it is accomplished?

I feel like there would be many incredible outcomes if we could live more like this. Where our decisions are focused and our desires simple.

Samantha Hendrickson