A little thing about roses (and a bonus!)

I talk about spray roses a lot. I use them for almost every wedding. I actually didn't realize how much I love them until recently. I’ve been filming a instructional course for brides, teaching them how to design their own wedding flowers, and I realized how much I use them.

They are a cute version of a regular rose and come 4-7 heads on each stem. They fill out a design and give a feeling of luxury without the hefty price tag. I often get asked what are some inexpensive flowers to use for weddings, realizing that all flowers, in general, have a bigger price tag than most people expect, there are a few varieties that are as dependable as they are cost efficient. Spray roses are in my top three. They come in just about as many colors as full-sized roses and some of them smell just as good. As I was looking back on my previous weddings I’ve designed almost all of them have spray roses in at least part of the wedding. 

Boutonnieres and corsages are a perfect example of the spray roses reliability and versatility. Floral wearables have to hold up under some pretty intense circumstances, hundreds of hugs, dancing, jostling, jackets coming off and back on, or wrist corsages getting bumped and bruised. Using a full-sized rose in a boutonniere is often a recipe for disaster, it is much easier for it to fall apart because of the weight of the rose head, but a spray rose is small enough it won’t get top heavy and fall out, even with two. For wrist corsages often a larger flower will get bumped out of the corsage just because it is so bulky. For all the reasons stated above, you can’t use a delicate flower and expect it to last the day. But the spray rose always come out the champion in these situations. Even when its squished at the end of the day it’s still there, still proudly giving it’s best. 

It’s a flower workhorse and for that, I’m thankful. It will forever have a spot in my Floral Hall Of Fame.

If you want to know some of my other favorite flowers that can go the distance, just submit your info below and you’ll get instant access!:)

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Samantha Hendrickson