Being patient to learn

When I’m learning something new I expect it to be quick. I want to be able to learn everything I need to know in one free webinar, or in one Youtube video. I want to be a master of a new skill in a week. I struggle with the time it takes to learn something new.

I think about some of the best things in my life and how long it took to get them:

-I dated my husband three years before I married him

-I waited two years to get pregnant, then it took nine months to grow that baby

-It took me over 10,000 hours to master floral design and I still feel like I’m at the beginning

-I worked for a year building a website and I’ve been studying business principles for over three years

-I spent months learning how to drive

-And the entire first year of living out of the house was learning how to do adult things like paying bills, cooking for myself and making sure everything I own stays legal and maintained.

Everything in my life has taken time to learn. All of my skills I’ve had to acquire over long periods of time. Why do I always put so much pressure on myself to learn something in an instant? If I’m not mastering it fast enough I start to get stressed and feel guilty, or that I’m not smart enough.

I know these things, but when I’m in the everyday it is so hard to see how the little things I’m am doing everyday are adding up to mastering a skill. Isn’t that the catch? How many times has someone said something like: “The days are long but the years are short” or “Life is lived in the mundane” or “it’s not in the grand moments but the small ones where we build our life”

Today what does that mean for me? 

Doesn’t it always come back to just doing what's in front of you to do?

This week I’m going to make sure that I make some time for me to be quiet, then to work out. I’m going to make time to do fun things with my kids before school starts again. I’m going to take time to clean my house and make good nourishing meals instead of whatever is easiest so I can get back to work. I’m going to make time to host a friend and read a book. 

Whatever you’re learning you won’t learn in a day. But today is a good day to start.

(I feel like that should be a tattoo on my hand…)

Samantha Hendrickson