The reason I design

Flowers bring joy. So much joy. I’ve said many times that flowers can change things. I believe they can help people heal from grief, tragedy, and depression. When someone who cares for you brings you a bouquet of fresh flowers the reaction is unanimous, across all cultures and ages, a feeling of gratitude and joy. Flowers are a gift to us from God, one of his beautiful artistic expressions here on earth. Their purpose is for our pleasure. It amazes me, the care and thoughtfulness of our Creator in his provision of flowers.

Flowers are there for all the monumental moments on our lives. The happy ones: a wedding, a new baby, a new job, a birthday, a holiday or celebration. But also the hard moments like a loss, or an illness. All given for the purpose of encouraging joy and letting you know you’re not in this alone, the good and the bad. Flowers foster a sense of community and belonging, of being loved and cared for. That’s something we all need: OUR PEOPLE.

I’m not the only one who feels this way. Researchers at New Jersey’s Rutger University conducted a study on people’s responses to receiving flowers. 100% of the participants reacted to the bouquet with a “Duchenne smile”- the true smile. Heartfelt and full of joy. It involves the mouth, cheeks, and eyes. Three days later every participant still showed improved moods. True story. Links below.

Having fresh flowers in our house is a very physical reminder to be joyful. Their smell can evoke such strong emotions. Every time I smell a hyacinth it reminds me of Easter with my family, a lilac brings me right back to the house I grew up in and a daisy spray reminds me of when I  was learning to work with flowers.

Gardening is something that not everyone thinks they can do. (If I had a quarter for every time someone told me they kill plants or that they don’t have a green thumb…)  But you don't have to physically grow the flowers to enjoy walking through a garden in full bloom or sitting under a wisteria vine or under a climbing, rambling wild rose? Sitting in those spaces creates a sense of awe, like you need to sit quietly and listen, to feel the sunshine and the breeze, listen to the bees and smell the bursting blooms, you can almost hear them growing. Those are the precious moments, the ones that fill your mind with sweet things.

" I do not think I have ever seen anything more beautiful than the bluebell I have been looking at.  I know the beauty of our Lord by it."

-  Gerald Manley Hopkins

You know someone who would be blessed by flowers. Don’t wait, do it now. This is the time of year we need to be reminded of how beautiful it is to have those around us.

Call a florist or stop by a grocery store on your way home. Any way you can. Show them they are loved and appreciated. Bring them a little bit of joy.

Samantha Hendrickson