Hustle vs. humility

The word “hustle” has almost been glorified by people staying busy or pursuing a dream. It’s supposed to mean that anything you’re doing when you're “hustling”  is holy work synonymous with everything you want to be or make happen. Regardless if you meet up to brainstorm or study brands by scrolling Instagram, it is all equally important.

The dictionary describes it as “a force (someone) to move hurriedly or unceremoniously in a specified direction.”

When they say “unceremoniously,” I think of a bull in a china shop going for the door. (Ferdinand anyone?) He will get there but at what cost?

This is not good for our lives, families or for our businesses When we’re hustling like this we have a chance to accomplish only one thing, the object of our hustle. Everything else will suffer. When we say we’re “hustling” do we mean this devil-may-care kind of work?  Is this just an overused way to avoid the details of a project? Or do we really not know what we’re doing so we label it ‘hustle’ so people stop asking questions? I mean, how many of us can really describe what we're working towards, if the job we’re doing is helping our family or our life or if we are living with purpose and intention? I speak from my heart on this one. There have been times where I have struggled in all three.

Yes, the direction is good but I also believe the way we go about getting there really matters. When our hustle makes us hurry and live in impatience for the things we’re waiting for it destroys the beautiful moments we’ve been blessed to live. When I’m living like everything is up to me to accomplish I quickly become overwhelmed and discouraged. That attitude makes me feel like everything I do from that point on is a failure because I am overwhelmed with my lack of control. I am pridefully assuming that the good things that have happened to me were because of my efforts and not a gift of grace. So if that is true, I should be able to make more good things. Just hustle harder. But when I can’t, when I realize again that it’s out of my control, it terrifies me. The only thing I am really able to do is to show up, willing and ready, with open hands and a humble heart. Ready to do only the work that matters. Not a bunch of obscure ‘hustling’ but intentional, persistent movement towards a goal. Gentle and filled with grace.

A flower does not feel forced to grow. If it were to try and grow faster you would have nothing but a discouraged flower. A flower grows in peace and sunshine when it is willing but not rushing. I have absolutely found that same thing to be true for me. I cannot make my self grow. I have thought that if I grow faster it will hurt less. but I end up discouraged every time. My greatest seasons of growth have come from when I am patiently showing up every day. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes not. But I’ve realized that is not up to me. God will bring growth in the right season and always in the right amount.