Host A Bouquet

As a floral designer, there are only a few career roles you can fill. You can own a flower shop, work in the floral department at a grocery store, or design for an event company, maybe even a greenhouse. But unless you create something that doesn’t exist there are not a lot of opportunities to work with flowers, especially this time of year. Living in Northern Michigan has so many wonderful things, like all the fresh water EVERYWHERE, and the natural beauty even in the winter is breathtaking, our perfect summer days, and the wineries and restaurants are some of the best in our state. But these days at the end of winter are uniquely difficult. Getting fresh flowers from the warm places where they grow really limits the varieties we can work with, and the stores start to fill with all those spring bulbs as it continues to snow and snow some more. When the sun starts shining, it gives you a false sense of warmth, we can sit inside and hear the spring birds starting to return but going outside still requires snow pants, gloves, and hats. We start to make piles of pillows on the floor where the sun shines into the living room so we can soak up as much sunshine as possible. All these reasons make me realize what a blessing it is to bring fresh flowers into our lives, and how much we need them.

I know I’ve posted about how beneficial it is to have flowers. But this is a truth that is near and dear to my heart, flowers have a very real and tangible effect on our moods. Flowers were made to encourage joy and peace. Especially when they are wrapped up in our communities. When they come from someone we love, represent an accomplishment we’ve made or when they are a part of our celebrations. Sometimes though, I love them most when I see flowers unexpectedly, like in a restaurant or a business.

I believe flowers can help people. This is the foundation of all the decisions I make for my business.

I want to put more flowers in front of more people, and have them do more good. So I have started Host A Bouquet. It is a bouquet subscription service for Traverse City businesses. Every week they get a fresh bouquet, using as many local blooms as possible. There are two different sizes that businesses can host and $10 or $5 respectively from each bouquet goes directly to organizations rescuing women and children from abuse and slavery in our communities and around the world.

There are so many ways that flowers are not being used to their full potential in our lives. These are powerful little treasures that allow us a few mistakes in our care of them, but truly just want to be understood and managed well. As we steward these blooms in our lives may they be used to help encourage peoples hearts.

Samantha Hendrickson