Honoring Mothers

In May, Mothers everywhere are honored for their sacrifice and love they are constantly pouring into their families all year. A generation ago that meant corsages pinned on Sunday best or tied delicately around a wrist, and a brunch that resembled a family reunion. As a little girl, I couldn’t wait for my own corsage someday. You know, I’ve always been obsessed with flowers in any form and for every occasion. I love that I get the privilege of this day now as both as a mom and as a daughter. When you think about the number of hours a mother spends nurturing and preparing her children for adulthood it’s some crazy number like 157,680. (Truly, that’s eighteen years into hours.) Even before you were born she was thinking of you. Whether or not you were able to be raised by your birth mom, some woman made the unselfish choice to carry you for nine months and care for your needs before you were able too. Someone was there to read you stories and teach you to say please or thank you. That is the person we are taking the time to honor this Sunday.

For the mothers still in the trenches, still fighting babies for sleep and convincing them to eat more than goldfish and juice boxes. You are building and growing the people who will be able to do the same things for you someday. Those little people are going to grow regardless of how discouraged you are or if you feel like you're failing. Just keep showing up and loving them. Pray for strength and patience and keep going. Not in any other situation do you have the opportunity to grow a best friend.

If your baby is still on the way, you have big things coming mama and I want to personally wish you a happy first Mother’s Day! That baby is so real and the work you’re doing now for them deserves some special attention this holiday.

For those who are not mothers but want to be, I see you. 7 years ago we thought we may not be able to have children. I know the emotional pain of trying and waiting only to be disappointed... again. I also know what it’s like to feel that little life finally growing inside and be denied the opportunity to love on them and to watch that little person grow. That pain is real mama. And that journey alone makes you more than qualified to be honored for the sacrifice that you’ve put in trying to nurture a life. It is not an easy day for everyone. But it is a day to honor any sacrifices made for you by the women in your life.

Whether that's by a dinner she didn’t have to cook, a massage, rosé and a bubble bath, a corsage, or a full-on bouquet. Please take the time to make that woman feel blessed.

PS Why did corsages on Mother’s Day go the way of stockings and handkerchiefs? I miss them.