Fears and risings tides

Have you ever heard the phrase “A rising tide lifts all boats”? It is supposed to mean that when an industry or economy, as a whole, is improving all the participants will also improve.

I’ve also heard it being referred to the habits in your life, like when you find your keystone habits and work to improve those ones the other, smaller habits will automatically get better also.

But how I’m seeing this aphorism showing up in my life is in my fears. When I start to push for more, for better in my life and my business it feels like the door that has been keeping all my fears in check is thrown wide open and I am constantly being bombarded by these swarming emotions. Things that seem totally unrelated to growing a business are brought to the surface distracting and attempting to destroy. I’ll be working on a flower order for a client and I’m suddenly thinking about the day we couldn’t find a heartbeat for our daughter. Or  I’ll be planning my next steps for growth and what I need to learn next then I’m thinking about everything failing and my husband dying. It’s like I’m living this roller coaster of highs and lows, of fears and hopes. Steps in pursuit of massive growth also bring out massive and sometimes irrational fears. It would be so easy to stop and hope that the fears would go back to sleep. If I keep pushing what else is going to come up?

But I truly believe flowers can help people, especially hurting people. If I stop, I don’t get to see that become a reality. If I stop, my kids will have a mom who had a big job to do but stopped because she didn’t believe her God was bigger than her fears.

This just got really heavy and if this is your first time reading my blog, I’m glad you’re here. This stuff is heavy because real life is sometimes heavy. Not every post is like this, some are sweet musings about beautiful flowers. But today I wanted to share some of the deeper things in my heart. Today it has been 6 months since our daughter was still-born and  I always want to be helpful and honest in everything I post, nothing fake or hesitant. No one has to do the hard things alone.

Flowers are what I’m passionate about but it’s so much more than just bouquets and quotes. This is a platform to help heal, and as long as we’re here life will be lived in seasons. No one gets to live in only summer. That’s the season we grow and build so when our strength is tested we are solid.

So it is true that a rising tide lifts all boats. But the one who brought the tide is the same who holds our hearts.

Samantha Hendrickson