Five things you have to know before you talk to your florist

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I am so excited for you as you begin this journey!

When you want true luxurious and unique floral pieces for your wedding, how do you find a floral designer who can create something that is special for your wedding? Beautiful and elegant. Without just giving you their “rinse and repeat” wedding styles?

I wrote this to prepare you for some of the questions you’ll be facing about what can be the most show-stopping, unique, yet overwhelming part of your wedding day: your florals.

Interviewing floral designers can seem daunting. So here is a short list of some of the things to ask a floral designer so you can get the luxury florals you want.


1 Pictures are helpful but if you want inspired, unique wedding florals use the pictures as starting points only, and give feelings or general ideas.   

If you want an “exactly like this picture” design you can go to almost any flower shop and they have the ability to recreate a picture. But if you really want something different, tell the designer your wedding vibes, style, favorite flower or texture, and some of the ideas or colors you had in mind. Make the pictures you bring be more of an inspiration to tell them what about the picture you liked most. Then ask what they would design. If their next sentence starts with: “Well most brides…” or they give you an uninspired response about what they normally do, maybe you should look somewhere else.

Every good designer will jump at the chance to design something truly unique and expressive. We are artists after all! They shouldn't give you a hard and fast answer right away about what they would do. They should ask you a lot more questions about the design plans you’ve made so far, or what things are most important to you, etc. Then, after they feel like they’ve gotten to know you, they can put together a design that fits your wedding


2 Trust your floral designer

Once you have settled on a design that both you and your floral designer love, sign off and trust them. The more guidance or design changes you try to make after that will only confuse the design process and you probably won’t like the results. Your designer is a professional in this industry and if something needs to change last minute because of weather or flower availability you designer will know the best options for you. It’s what we do!

Changing your mind can also affect your final cost. Brides who continue to change their final design can be charged more for the time it takes your designer to go back and forth constantly updating your order. Designers have to buy flowers in bulk, and count each stem. Every design change starts their process over again.


3 Have you looked at their website?

It almost goes without saying, but I want to bring it up because it really speaks to the style of their designs. Is it a hometown flower shop? Do they work downtown or out of their garage? I’ve seen amazing work come from both! But knowing how they present themselves online is a great way to prepare your meeting, especially if your inquiries begin over email.

Keep in mind that many floral designers are not the most tech savvy individuals (otherwise we may have chosen a different creative profession) but every good designer understands the importance of showcasing their creative talent. If you like the pictures of the floral designs coming out of the shop (not the photoshopped images provided by third parties) then it may be worth connecting with them.


4 Come prepared with numbers

What I’m talking about is the amount of the pieces you need. How many bridesmaids are you having? Who do you want to have boutonnieres? If you have an idea for a floral installation above the head table, what size is the table? Are your  guest tables round or long? How many guests are you planning to invite?
I know many of these details may not be decided yet but the more information you have, the easier it will be for your designer to get you an accurate quote on the total cost.

(If you are wondering about wedding floral tradition and etiquette check out my *who gets flowers and why* download that I made to answer those exact questions!)


5 Flowers are expensive

Anyone who tells you they’re not, probably isn’t the designer you’re looking for. Babies breath is not expensive, and comparatively a floral wall of roses and peonies will not be a bargain piece. The amount of time and labor that go into true floral art is extensive. If a designer doesn’t charge correctly for that time they probably haven’t been designing very long, or are not confident in their abilities to charge what they’re worth, and so may not be the best choice. You want a designer who is honest about the real cost of floral pieces. If you have any hesitations about their competence ask to see what they’ve designed before. Any designer who understands the quality of their work will be able to show you on the spot what they’re capable of creating.


In conclusion

I hope you feel a little more prepared to start your floral journey. If you still have questions,  check out my website and schedule a conversation with me! I would love to help! 

I’d love to create the luxury florals for your wedding! I only design a limited amount of weddings each year to make sure each event gets my 100% creativity and attention. Book you date now! 


Samantha Hendrickson