Protea Rising
Protea Rising
Meaningful florals for weddings and events, and bouquet subscriptions in Michigan.

Who We Are



Samantha Hendrickson

I love flowers and beautiful things.

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Flowers are my passion.

I have always loved to create beautiful flower arrangements. When I was very little I used to bring my mom miniature posy’s of small purple faced viola’s that grew wild in our backyard. Since then I’ve had many years of design training and I’m constantly creating something with flowers. My style would best be described as loose-formal, clean lines and complementary color pairings to really fill a space with depth and warmth. I love hi-lighting individual flowers and bringing out their character.

I also love bringing joy to people through flowers, and I’ve always believed that flowers can help people. Thats where Host A Bouquet started, out of the belief that flowers can do more.

If I had a day to do my favorite things I would go out for breakfast with my husband, have an amazing cup of coffee, visit a flower market and make an arrangement, read a book, bring my kids to a park. Workout or swim, then I'd get my favorite takeout with wine for dinner and an old movie.


We are the Hendrickson’s!

These people mean the world to me.

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What makes us different:

For the hurting:

Every flower that comes through our hands has a big job. $10 or $5 respectively from each of our Host A Bouquets and a percentage from each wedding we design goes directly to helping women and children begin the recovery from abuse, slavery and grief, in our community and around the world.

For us:

We are developing partnerships with Northern Michigan flower farms to bring you as many local blooms as possible. So any investment made with us goes back into our beautiful community.

For others:

As often as possible we recycle all the flowers from our previous work into other arrangements and send them to nursing homes and care facilities all over Northern Michigan. To bless as many people as possible.


Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers for our wedding! We appreciate all of your hard work and beautiful personal touches! I will continue to recommend you to others! Thank you again!


Why “Protea Rising”?

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Proteas are flowers native to South Africa. There are many different varieties of protea. All are known for their adaptability and ability to grow in nutrient poor soil. The reason I chose them to represent our company is their ability to survive and thrive after a wildfire has ravaged the land. When the blooms are burned, the flower cones inside are ready to release their seeds for the wind to scatter, so more beauty can grow and blossom. The plants also have thick underground stems that are filled with dormant buds that sprout and bloom immediately after the fire. 
My prayer is that our flowers can be the beginning of big changes in the lives of the people destroyed in the fire of abuse and captivity. That the money and efforts generated by our company can be the start of a full life with better options for them.


See how this vision comes to life